Susral Simar ka (Colors TV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story Plot, Real Name & Wiki

Susral Simar ka: TV Serial Cast with Real Name, Full Story, Telecast Timings, Wiki, Starting Date and More 

 Susral Simar ka is an Indian family drama which is aired from Colors TV. It was started on 25 April 2011. It is a Hindi language soap which is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. By completing 2063 episodes, this show ended on 2 March 2018 and became the second longest running show on Colors TV after “ Balika Wadhu ” . It has two seasons and now it is longest running television series on Colors TV.

Country of origin of Susral Simar ka and language of origin 

India is the country of origin of Susral Simar ka and language of origin of Susral Simar ka is Hindi.

Direction of Susral Simar ka

Susral Simar ka is directed by Pawan Kumar Marut, Pawan Sahu and Deelip Kumar.

Producer of Susral Simar ka

Rashmi Sharma and Pawan Kumar Marut are the producers of Susral Simar ka drama serial.

Production company of Susral Simar ka

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms is the production company of Susral Simar ka.

Number of episodes of Susral Simar ka

Susral Simar ka season 1 has total 2063 episodes.

Running time of Susral Simar ka

The running time of Susral Simar ka is approximately 21 minutes.

Original Network

Susral Simar ka is originally aired from Colors TV.

Picture Format

576i 1080i HDTV

Cast members

There are following main cast members in Susral Simar ka season 1

  • Dipika Kakar Ibrahim/Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar as Simar Bharadwaj: Meena and Jamnalal’s elder daughter; Roli and Gautam’s sister; Prem’s wife; Anjali and Piyush’s mother; Sanjana’s adoptive mother 
  • Shoaib Ibrahim/Dheeraj Dhoopar/Mazher Sayed as Prem Bharadwaj: Sujata and Rajendra’s youngest son; Satyendra, Shailendra, Siddhant and Jhanvi’s brother; Simar’s husband; Surbhi and Devika’s former husband; Anjali and Piyush’s father; Sanjana’s adoptive father. 
  • Avika Gor as Roli Bharadwaj: Meena and Jamnalal’s younger daughter; Simar and Gautam’s sister; Siddhant’s first wife .
  • Manish Raisinghan as Siddhant Bharadwaj: Sujata and Rajendra’s third son; Satyendra, Shailendra, Prem and Jhanvi’s brother; Roli’s widower; Prerna’s husband.
  • Mansi Srivastava as Prerna Bharadwaj: Simar and Roli’s friend; Siddhant’s second wife .
  • Varun Sharma as Piyush Bharadwaj: Simar and Prem’s son; Anjali’s brother; Sanjana’s adoptive brother; Roshni’s widower; Avni’s husband .
  • Heer Morabia as Child Piyush 
  • Vaishali Takkar as Anjali “Anju” Kapoor: Simar and Prem’s daughter; Khushi’s surrogate daughter; Piyush’s sister; Sanjana’s adoptive sister; Vikram and Sameer’s former wife .
  • Sneha Chauhan as Teenage Anjali 
  • Ritvi Jain as Child Anjali 
  • Nikki Sharma as Roshni Bharadwaj: Rita and Sumit’s daughter; Rohan’s sister; Piyush’s first wife .
  • Bhakti Vasani as Child Roshni .
  • Monica Sharma as Avni Bharadwaj: Hema’s daughter; Piyush’s second wife .
  • Krissann Barretto as Sanjana “Sanju” Kapoor: Sunaina and Vikrant’s daughter; Simar and Prem’s adopted daughter; Anjali and Piyush’s adopted sister; Sameer’s wife.
  • Tvisha Jain as Child Sanjana .
  • Siddharth Shivpuri as Vikram Agarwal: Sanjeev’s son; Anjali’s former husband; Tanvi’s husband.
  • Rohan Mehra as Sameer Kapoor: Bhairavi and Dhanraj’s son; Anjali’s former husband; Sanjana’s husband .


The story revolve around two sisters Simar and Roli. Simar wants to be a dancer but her parents are against her dream. Simar’s marriage was fixed with Prem who was a successful businessman. On the Day of marriage, Simar went to the dance show while Roli have to sit in her position until Simar came. But Simar was late which create problem in the marriage function forcing Roli to marry Prem. But Prem’s brother Sidhant enters and after some twists and turns, Simar Prem and Roli Sidhant got married.

Soon Khushi enter to take revenge of her sister’s murder and wanted to kill Simar. She enter their family and married to their son, Sankalp. Simar is pregnant but miscarries, which make her not to conceive again in her life and become a mother. Khushi become surrogate mother of Prem and Simar’s child. She blackmailed her to sign property papers. Later, Khushi was exposed and gave birth to Simar and Prem’s daughter,  Anjali. Simar and Roli find their lost sister in law ,Jhanvi who married to Shaurya.

But  he create troubles for her and she shoot her to death. After that Jhanvi married to Dr. Anurag. Roli was kidnapped and while escaping in a car she hit a girl who died. Simar live as Sunaina in her house to save Roli. Simar live as a and raised her daughter while Roli take care of Anjali. Roli meet Simar in summer camp and plead her to return home. She returned where Prem married to his sister in law Surbhi. Simar have to cope up with Sinaina’s spirit who came to take revenge of her murder. Later Sunaina and Surbhi are banished. 

The story revolve around Simar, Prem, Roli and Sidhant where they save their family from supernatural creatures who want to destroy them. These supernatural creatures include shapeshifting female serpent Maya, Dayans Mohini and Indravati, Patali Devi-Gayatri, ghosts Maalti, Madhavi and Chhoti Dulhan, Shaitan (Kaal), Moon Jewel Princess Chandramani and another two Dayans Mahamaya and Kamya.

While defeating Patali Devi-Gayatri and Kaal. Simar’s life was in threat. Roli sacrifice her life to save her sister. After sad dismiss of Roli, Sidhant was broken and married to her childhood friend Prerna and move to abroad. To gain powers, Kaal with the help of Mahamaya spell on Simar and impregnate her with the child having evil powers. Simar was aware of this and her family too.

She gave birth to a child Piyush. Her family asked to donate away child but she leave her house with Piyush. After 20 years, Simar with her son Piyush return and reunite with her family. Khushi raised Anjali as arrogant fashioned girl and spoil her while she blamed Simar for abandoning her. Later Piyush married to his childhood best friend and Anjali married to Vikram Agarwal. Simar helped Anjali in managing her life then she accepts her as her mother.  


The reboot serial named as Susral Simar ka 2 has been launched from 26 April 2021 on Colors TV after the completion of first season and 10 years completion of first season of Susral Simar ka.

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