Sherdil Shergill (Colors Tv) Serial Cast, Timings, Story Plot, Real Name & Wiki

Sherdil Shergill: TV Serial Cast with Real Name, Full Story, Telecast Timings, Wiki, Starting Date and More

Introduction :

Sherdil Shergill is an Indian romantic and comedy drama serial. It is a Hindi language drama serial. It was premiered on 26 September 2022 on Colors TV. It is available on Voot app also. 

Genre : 

Romantic comedy

Created by :

Saurabh Tewari

Story by :

  • Srinita Bhoumick
  • Saurabh Tewari

Directed by :

Praveen Punia

Starring :

  • Dheeraj Dhoopar
  • Surbhi Chandna

Country of origin of Sherdil Shergill 

India is the country of origin of this serial.

Original language of Sherdil Shergill 

Hindi is the language of origin of this serial.

No. of seasons :

Sherdil Shergill has 1 season.

No. of episodes :

Sherdil Shergill has total 59 episodes.

Production :

Producer :

Saurabh Tewari

Production location :


Camera setup :


Running time :

Running time of Sherdil Shergill is 20 to 43 minutes .

Production company :

Parin Multimedia

Distributor :

Viacom 18

Original network :

Colors TV

Picture format :

  • 576i
  • ( HDTV ) 1080i

Audio format :

Dolby Digital

Original release :

26 September 2022 – Present.

Main cast members of Sherdil Shergill

There are following main cast members of Sherdil Shergill

  • Surbhi Chandna as Manmeet “Chitti” Shergill Yadav: Ajeet and Puneet’s elder daughter; Gunjan’s elder sister; Anmol’s mother; Rajkumar’s wife
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as Rajkumar “Raj” Yadav: Bhairav and Nirali’s son; Pankhudi’s brother; Priyanka’s twin brother; Manmeet’s husband; Anmol’s father

Recurring cast members of Sherdil Shergill

There are following recruiting cast members of Sherdil Shergill 

  • Iqbal Azad as Ajeet Shergill: Puneet’s husband; Manmeet and Gunjan’s father; Anmol’s grandfather
  • Anindita Chatterjee as Puneet Shergill: Ajeet’s wife; Manmeet and Gunjan’s mother; Anmol’s grandmother
  • Sneha Tomar as Gunjan Shergill: Ajeet and Puneet’s younger daughter; Manmeet’s younger sister; Anmol’s aunt
  • Sai Ballal as Bhairav Yadav: Nirali’s husband; Pankhudi, Rajkumar and Priyanka’s father; Anmol’s grandfather
  • Kiran Deep Sharma as Nirali Yadav: Bhairav’s wife; Pankhudi, Rajkumar and Priyanka’s mother; Anmol’s grandmother
  • Bhoomika Mirchandani as Priyanka “Chhoti” Yadav: Bhairav and Nirali’s daughter; Pankhudi’s sister; Rajkumar’s twin sister; Anmol’s aunt
  • Sunita Rawat Pai as Rajkumar’s sister: Bhairav and Nirali’s daughter; Priyanka and Pankhudi’s sister; Anmol’s aunt
  • Preeti Singh as Pankhudi Yadav: Bhairav and Nirali’s daughter; Rajkumar and Priyanka’s sister; Murari’s wife; Anmol’s aunt
  • Masshe Uddin Qureshi as Murari: Pankhudi’s husband
  • Stavya as Anmol: Manmeet’s son Rajkumar’s stepson
  • Ayesha Kapoor as Nikki: Rajkumar’s former girlfriend
  • Srishti Mandal as Vidya: Manmeet’s helper; Anmol’s nanny
  • Nitin Bhatia as Radhe
  • Arya Kumar as Hussain: Manmeet’s partner in ‘Soorti constructions’
  • Sagar Saini
  • Mohit Sharma

Production :

For male and female lead roles Dheeraj Dhoopar and Surbhi Chandna casted in June 2022. Ayesha Kapoor casted as girlfriend of Rajkumar while Sneha Tomar casted as Manmeet’s sister.  In June 2022, its shooting began in the Film city Mumbai . Some initial incidents shot in Shimla. The promo of Sherdil Shergill released in August 2022. It was premiered on 26 September 2022 on Colors TV.

Storyline of Sherdil Shergill :

The story revolve around Manmeet Shergill who is a 30 years old woman,  an architect. She made progress and name in architecture field which is dominated by men but despite all of troubles from her family and society, she made her name in the society. She is a single parent of her son Anmol Shergill which she had through IVF technique. She live with her son Anmol Shergill, away from her family.

Despite all of their disputes her family invited her to her sister Gunjan’s wedding ceremony. But her father puts forward a condition that she can only come without her son Anmol and not bring him with her.Manmeet assigned a trainee in her office Rajkumar Yadav, who is funny and playful all the time. Later she came to know that he is a side comedian also.

Unwillingly, Manmeet requests him to become her fake husband just for the sake of her family satisfaction . Raj agreed for this that he will become her husband at the time of Gunjan’s wedding ceremony. Rajkumar doesn’t tell her about his girlfriend Nikki.At Shimla, Manmeet meets her father who has issues for years. However in the marriage ceremony of Gunjan, Yadav’s arrive who are parents of Rajkumar.

They question about Manmeet and Raj’s relationship while Manmeet apologize to them and tell them that it was an act.  On the other side, Nikki send a blackmailing message to Rajkumar that she will suicide. This time Raj requests Manmeet to pretend like his wife in front of Nikki. But Nikki creates a scene and informed Yadav’s about this. Yadav’s arrived at Mumbai to clear confusion with Shergill family and to learn the truth.

Conclusion :

Sherdil Shergill is a good family, romantic and comedy drama serial. It is full of fun, twists and turns. It reflects a story of a successful woman and her struggle in her journey. It also reflects the obstacles of society in her path and how she managed as a single parent. There will be more fun in the upcoming episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sherdil Shergill :

Q : When was Sherdil Shergill premiered?

Sherdil Shergill was premiered on 26 September 2022 on Colors TV.

Q : Which is the shooting locations of Sherdil Shergill?

This serial was shooted in Mumbai and some initial incidents shot in Shimla.

Q : Who played lead role in Sherdil Shergill?

For male and female lead roles Dheeraj Dhoopar and Surbhi Chandna casted respectively.

Q : What is the name of Manmeet’s son?

Anmol Shergill is the son of Manmeet.

Q : What is the profession of Manmeet?

Manmeet made name in architecture field.

Q : Who pretend to be fake husband of Manmeet?

Rajkumar Yadav pretend to be husband of Manmeet for her family satisfaction in Gunjan’s wedding ceremony.

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