Parineeti (Colors Tv) Serial Cast, Timings, Story Plot, Real Name & Wiki

Parineeti: TV Serial Cast with Real Name, Full Story, Telecast Timings, Wiki, Starting Date and More

Introduction :

Parineeti is an Indian romantic drama serial. It is a Hindi language drama serial. It was premiered on 14 February 2022 on Colors TV. It is also digitally available on Voot app. 

Genre :

Romance and Drama .

Created by :

Ekta Kapoor

Screenplay by :

  • Mrinal Tripathi
  • Anil Nagpal

Story by :

  • Anil Nagpal
  • Kavita Nagpal

Directed by :

Muzammil Deasi

Creative director :

Shivangi Babbar

Starring :

  • Anchal Sahu
  • Ankur Verma
  • Vishal Solanki
  • Tanvi Dogra

Theme music composer :

  • Lalit Sen
  • Nawab Arzoo

Opening theme :

Parineetii Tone

Country of origin of Parineeti :

India is the country of origin of Parineeti .

Original language of Parineeti :

Hindi is the original language of this serial.

No. of seasons :

Parineeti has 1 season.

No. of episodes :

Parineeti has total 252 episodes.

Production :

Executive producer

Tanushree Das Gupta

Producers :

  • Ekta Kapoor
  • Shobha Kapoor

Production location :


Editors :

  • Vikas Sharma
  • Vishal Sharma

Camera setup :


Running time :

The running time of Parineeti is 21 to 44 minutes .

Production company :

Balaji Telefilms

Distributor :

Viacom 18

Original network :

Colors TV

Picture format :

 ( HDTV ) 1080i

Original release :

14 February 2022 – Present.

Main cast members of Parineeti :

There are following main cast members of this Desi serial

  • Anchal Sahu as Parineet “Pari” Kakkar Bajwa: Jaswant and Gurpreet’s elder daughter; Nupur’s sister; Neetii’s best friend; Rajeev’s first wife.
  • Ankur Verma as Rajeev Bajwa: Gurinder and Karanvir’s son; Amit and Keerti’s brother; Parineet and Neetii’s husband.
  • Tanvi Dogra as Neetii Juneja : Sukhwinder’s daughter; Parineet’s best friend; Rajeev’s second wife .
  • Vishal Solanki as Rakesh Singh Ahlawat: Parineet’s obsessive lover.

Recurring :

There are following recruiting cast members of this serial 

  • Aman Gandhi as Vishal: Pari’s fake husband .
  • Ashish Dixit as Vikram Kakkar: Mandeep and Harman’s son; Simar’s brother; Parineet and Nupur’s cousin .
  • Coral Bhamra / Ankita Singh Bamb as Simmi Bajwa: Parminder and Rajveer’s daughter; Balwinder and Monty’s sister; Rajeev, Amit and Keerti’s cousin .
  • Abhinandan Singh as Balwinder Bajwa: Parminder and Rajveer’s son; Monty and Simmi’s brother; Rajeev, Amit and Keerti’s cousin; Mishika’s father .
  • Dolly Sohi[5] as Gurpreet Kakkar: Jaswant’s widow; Parineet and Nupur’s mother .
  • Kaushal Kapoor as Jaswant Kakkar: Harman’s brother; Gurpreet’s husband, Parineet and Nupur’s father .
  • Khushi Bharadwaj as Nupur Kakkar: Jaswant and Gurpreet’s younger daughter; Parineet’s sister .
  • Siya Bhatia as Simar Kakkar: Mandeep and Harman’s daughter, Vikram’s sister, Parineet and Nupur’s cousin .
  • Arpana Agarwal as Mandeep Kakkar: Harman’s wife, Vikram and Simar’s mother .
  • Jeetu Vazirani as Harman Kakkar: Jaswant’s younger brother; Mandeep’s husband; Vikram and Simar’s father .
  • Anjali Mukhi / Alka Mogha as Gurinder Bajwa: Karanvir’s widow, Rajeev, Keerti and Amit’s mother .
  • Aakash Talwar as Amit Bajwa: Gurinder and Karanvir’s elder son; Rajeev and Keerti’s brother; Chandrika’s husband .
  • Vaishnavi Mahant as Parminder Bajwa: Rajveer’s wife; Simmi, Balwinder and Monty’s mother .
  • Bobby Parvez / Arup Pal as Rajveer Bajwa: Karanvir’s brother; Parminder’s husband; Simmi, Balwinder and Monty’s father .
  • Tiara Gujral as Keerti Bajwa: Gurinder and Karanvir’s daughter; Rajeev and Amit’s sister .
  • Rishi Grover as Monty Bajwa: Parminder and Rajveer’s son; Rajeev, Keerti and Amit’s cousin; Simmi and Balwinder’s brother .
  • Neena Cheema as Beeji: Karanvir and Rajveer’s mother, Rajeev, Keerti , Amit, Monty , Simmi and Balwinder’s paternal grandmother.
  • Bhavya Chauhan as Shreya Singh: Neetii and Rajeev’s friend (2022)
  • Utkarsh Gupta as Ajay Kumar: Neetii and Rajeev’s friend .
  • Kaajal Chauhan as Shalu Sharma: Parineet and Neetii’s friend .
  • Vivan Singh Rajput as Rocky Juneja: Sukhwinder’s son; Neetii’s brother.
  • Sonia Shrivastava as Sukhwinder Juneja: Kanwal’s sister; Neetii and Rocky’s mother .
  • Hemant Choudhary as Devraj Malhotra: Varun’s father .
  • Prashant Sethi as Varun Malhotra: Devraj’s son, Parineet’s ex-fiancè .
  • Amit Kapoor as Kanwal Juneja: Sukhwinder’s brother .
  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Kiran Kapoor: Mukhiyaji’s daughter; Parineet and Neetii’s friend.

Storyline of Parineeti :

Parineet Kakkar and Neetii are two best friends living together and known as Parineet. Neetii was doing Air hostess course. Rajeev Bajwa is a fun boy and his mother is finding a girl for him to marry. Parineet was marrying to Varun but in some circumstances, Rajeev married to her. Rajeev doesn’t like her but married for the sake of his mother. After that Rajeev moved to Chandigarh while leaving Parineet in Kakkar house .

After 3 months, Rajeev lived as Sanju Mehra in his aunt’s house with his cousins. Neetii also lived in Chandigarh for completion her air hostess course. Mandeep drops Parineet in Chandigarh where she meets Neetii and live with her. Rajeev propose Neetii in a party and she accepts his proposal without knowing that Rajeev is Parineet’s husband.

Rajeev trapped by goons where Parineet save his life. Rajeev wrote a letter to Neetii that he cannot marry her but this letter is received by Sukhwinder, Neetii’s mother. Before she could tell her daughter about this letter she was shot. She suspects to die in some days and she force Rajeev to marry her daughter so that he take care of her in her absence. Rajeev married to Neetii without telling Parineet. Parineet start doubting as she saw lipstick stain on his shirt. Neetii suggest Parineet to follow him. At the same time, Neetii and Rajeev plan a dinner where Parineet arrived by following Rajeev. But Rajeev fool her and save himself.

After a lot of troubles, Parineet came to know that Rajeev and Sanju are same person. She get dishearten and leave his house for Neetii. She assumed to be dead. But after sometime, Parineet return to Rajeev house and it was revealed to Neetii that she is wife of Rajeev. Neetii commits suicide but get saved in hospital where she came to know about the truth. Later it was revealed that it was all a nightmare of Parineet and nothing has happened.

Conclusion :

Parineeti is a good family and romantic drama serial which shows the struggle of Parineet to find her love. It also shows friendship of Parineet and Neetii.

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